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Wingspan avg:

1/2-6 in.(1.3-15 cm)


Wide range,from white to bold colors and multi-colored.


Lovely,flying adult insects with two pairs of large wings and long proboscis(moth tube).Unlike moths,butterflies have slender bodies and thin antennae.


Worldwide in grasslands,low and high lands,wooded and tropical areas.


Nectar,fruit juices,sap.

Life cycle

Female lays eggs on or near host plant.Each larva(caterpillar) hatches and feeds on leaves and plants,then pupates in a chrysalis,emerging as a winged adult.

Bug bites

. Butterflies are so pretty in the garden,they are often called flying flowers.

. The most common U.S. butterfly is the cabbage white.The most well-known is the monarch.Some of the loveliest are the swallowtails with their large, tailed wings.

.¬†The female Queen Alexandra’s birdwing of New Guinea has a 12-inch (30 cm) wingspan.



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