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Hatiora Salicornioides

Hatiora salicornioides(also called Rhipsalis salicornioides,dancing bones cactus,drunkard’s dreams,spice cactus)is originally a forest cactus and from cactus family and it grows in Brazil as epiphytes.It is sometimes grown both indoors and outdoors as an ornamental.Hatiora flourish best in indirect light with exposure to morning and evening sun.It prefers a well drained soil.

Blooming season

Small yellow flowers at the end of stems,from spring to early summer.                     14570326_1125448997491763_7556063179821750284_n


Take end of stem cuttings with 1 to 4 segments.Let the cut dry out and heal for 12 to 24 hours.Plant in soil.The temperature should be at least 20 C(68 F).The rooting process will take two to three weeks.In May or June,cuttings can be moved to the growing pot.At that time,they can be trimmed to two segments to encourage branching.


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